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"To provide support and training to the Emergency Response community
and to prepare the citizens of Sumner County for disastrous events."
The National Weather Service office in Wichita has
designated Sumner County as a "Storm Ready" County.
here for more details on this achievement.
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Sumner County Emergency Management responds to
natural and man-made disasters, seven days a week, 365
days each year to assist emergency response agencies
(fire, law enforcement and EMS) in obtaining the resources
necessary to effectively control any incident.

We provide preparedness training for the response
agencies, civic groups and schools in our county. We assist
with hazard analysis and emergency planning and serve as
Sumner County's Homeland Security Agency with different
issues relating to the safety of our citizens from the threat of

Our department also manages severe weather events and
reports  observations to the National Weather Service that
are essential to the public warning system.
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